Our Center of Excellence

Our Salesforce Center of Excellence in the Mena region was founded 12 years ago and counts more than 100 active clients.
We boast a team of 100+ Salesforce expert consultants, with 250+ certifications.
With more than 100 active projects in the following industries:
  • Luxury, Retail & FMCG
  • Logistics, Transportation & Construction
  • Banking, Insurance & Health Care, NGOs
  • High-tech & Energy, Utilities & Services
Our unrivalled methodology includes core services such as Consultancy, Design, Build, Training, Quality Assurance, Support.
Our methodology in developing Salesforce teams and expertise to build resources:
Talent Development Program
  • Official Salesforce training curriculum delivered by our own certified Salesforce Instructors
  • Professional experience gained by working on projects
  • Quarterly training resulting in 3 Salesforce certifications for each participating employee
NEO-PATH Academy in Dubai
  • Training our customers’ teams (users and IT teams)
  • Official Salesforce courses delivered by our own certified instructors (Admin and Developer courses)
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