Skills Knowledge Management Sessions

Working at EI-Technologies MENA means leading digital transformation projects across several countries in the Middle East and Europe.

With the constant technological innovation around the platforms our solutions are based upon, EI-Technologies MENA organizes periodically “Skills Knowledge Management” or “SKM” sessions to allow consultants to stay up to date with all new features introduced to the different Salesforce clouds, as well as other platforms.

During these sessions, consultants exchange information, share their knowledge, acquire new skills and remain well acquainted with the latest methodologies and best practices to be adopted on existing and new projects.

Each SKM session is accompanied by a live demonstration on the tool to get a glimpse of how the new topics will impact functionalities that may already be in use on some projects, or on the roadmap for others. Particularly, and as a Salesforce partner, EI-Technologies Mena organizes an SKM session before each major release for administrators, app builders, and developers to learn about the latest updates introduced by Salesforce such as new configuration features and development extensions. A discussion usually takes place among attendees after the session to exchange ideas and potential use cases. Attendees also benefit from the added value of a live demo of new features in SKM sessions, in addition to reading the release notes, to keep informed, and to begin applying the new features as soon as they are made available on the platform.

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