Salesforce IoT Competition

EI-Technologies MENA, the leader in CRM consulting services in the middle east, launched a new competition for building a “Smart City” using Salesforce IoT (Internet of Things: a network of interconnected devices) and Lego. The final round took place between “NEO-Bricks” and “The Walkers”, the teams who pitched their final product to colleagues and jury members.
Both implementations aimed to solve several pain points in today’s real-life agricultural projects; and to help automate repetitive tasks and increase the efficiency of agricultural processes. The teams approached the challenge as they would real projects by collecting requirements from the customer, implementing and iterating to validate the solution, until the final testing phase

A little overview of the two projects:

The Walkers’ Project:

A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of sensors to collect data. For the Walkers, Insights gained from that data can be used to control and manage resources and services efficiently and to improve the operations across the city.

The Walkers’ company aims to implement and deliver models of these smart cities.

Their methods rely on Salesforce functionalities to store all the Data collected by the sensors through the node MCU. The network of sensors will be connected through WIFI.

Salesforce IoT Cloud will process and visualize the Data in addition to making intelligent business decisions using actuators, salesforce orchestrations, and service cloud, based on the insights and prediction generated from the Data.

NEO-Bricks’ Project:

NEO-Farm is a smart farm created with the collaborative work of several farmers and winegrowers to deliver an entire brand of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, wine …

With their business growing, NEO-Farm decided to automate its existing processes using Salesforce helping it take the necessary measurements and actions at the right time.

Using an Arduino board, a few sensors and actuators, as well as the Salesforce IoT module, NEO-Farm is able to monitor the water level in the reservoir and the sunlight exposure of its plants.

NEO-Farm has now insights on the water consumption levels and the needed actions to do: fill/stop filling the reservoir and on the sunlight exposure of its plants to guarantee the necessary vitamin or artificial light compensation.

Having centralized all this data in the Salesforce platform has also helped NEO-Farm to report, analyze and forecast their expenses.

After a few rounds of presentations and deliberations, the winning team was named: “The Walkers”.

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