Discover Salesforce Solutions for Financial Institutions with EI-Technologies MENA

The 4th industrial revolution is reshaping the future of work. With the introduction of AI, Robotics, IoT, and other technologies, businesses must be prepared for the new world that lies ahead.

Companies around the world were faced with new challenges and felt the need to step up their pace in order to keep up with the market demand. Most of them embarked on a journey of digital transformation aiming to provide a better experience for both their customers and employees. However, change is never easy, and most businesses can face several obstacles on their way to success and therefore need expert guidance.

Salesforce Live: Middle East and Africa was a virtual event organized to connect business leaders with Salesforce Partners and industry experts ready to help them get the best out of their transformation journey. The event hosted online sessions that covered topics ranging from technology-driven customer engagement to business strategies and solutions that would help companies thrive in the new normal.

EI-Technologies MENA, the largest Salesforce team in the Middle-East helping companies grow and adapt their businesses to the digital transformation of this era since 2011, was one of the Salesforce Partners who participated in the event.

With over 100 employees and multi-cloud skills, EI-Technologies MENA advises companies on all Salesforce clouds in the different platforms’ ecosystems with a consultancy approach based on its technical and business expertise. As a matter of fact, EI-Technologies MENA guides companies by assisting them in their digital transformation roadmap implementation.

Financial institutions, particularly, are an excellent example of businesses having this necessity, for they must assess their position today and their readiness to harness their data and make educated decisions based on it.

Throughout this event, our Sales Manager at EI-Technologies MENA, Samer Dahr, held a session to elaborate on the potential offered by the Salesforce platform, powered by the consultancy approach we offer to financial institutions. During this session, Delta Insurance’s General Manager and areeba’s Merchant Solution Manager shared their personal experience with EI-Technologies MENA and described how the solution implemented helped their companies make the most of their data and turn them into useful insights.

areeba is a financial technology company that takes businesses further by providing smarter and faster payment solutions for banks, merchants, governments, and individuals.

Mr.  Antoine Chahine areeba’s Merchant Solution Manager, states that with the use of Salesforce, all processes are now automated. Agents are now able to trigger all the support calls from the call center to help customers with their queries, they have a better view of their cases and can easily investigate and resolve them efficiently within a given time frame. Also, with the help of Salesforce, areeba is now able to manage its huge POS stock.

Delta Insurance is a leading Jordanian company that provides individual and group insurance services to a significant portion of Jordanian society and international institutions in the fields of construction, real estate, finance, banking, industry, energy, general trade, entertainment, and communications.

Mr. Rajaei Noursi, General Manager of Delta Insurance, talked about the importance of keeping continuous and efficient communication lines with their clients, which sums up the importance of having an advanced CRM platform like Salesforce. “Salesforce allows us to grow”, with a scalable solution that can also be customized for Delta’s business needs and its individual users; hence the platform was the obvious solution of their choice. Mr. Noursi also discussed the benefits of the AppExchange store that can expand the potential functionalities of their system.

As stated by the above testimonials of areeba and Delta Insurance, EI-Technologies MENA was the perfect choice to work with. “EI-Technologies MENA was a professional team that committed to the project and delivered the project at the specific time 100 % with 0 errors”, as mentioned by Mr. Chahine, especially when it comes to implementing Salesforce, You guys know Salesforce so well so you were able to convince us to change to Salesforce”, Mr. Noursi.

EI-Technologies MENA continues to advise its clients based on the latest technologies offered by Salesforce, one of Forbes’ most innovative companies, throughout its different yearly releases.

Complete session available here: Discover Salesforce Solutions for Financial Institutions with EI-Technologies MENA

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