ISVs : the Lego strategy

The Salesforce Apps created by Independent Software Vendors (ISV) are more agile and more accessible. Therefore, they enhance and simplify the customers’ processes and the companies’ productivity while increasing the engagement rate of their users. A True performance accelerator!

ISVs are re-inventing the customer relationship

How to enhance customer relationships? Today, more than 3000 Salesforce App providers are trying to answer this question. “The ISV market is growing very fast. It represents between 15% and 30% of Salesforce revenue alone in every country” underlines Antoine Ballerin, Sales Director platforms – Southern Europe – Salesforce, and speaker during the AppInnovation plenary.

On the AppExchange, the true Cloud marketplace for businesses, you can find anything! With more than 6 million software application installations, today the platform is the first professional application marketplace worldwide. With a unique drive: innovation.

Customized solutions

Applications are supporting Salesforce’s open architecture by offering a complementary functionality that goes way beyond the customer relationship. Thus, the solutions proposed by the ISVs can attract people from different occupations, from human resources to finance. Some are even designed for specific industries (Telcos, banks…). In all cases, there is one goal: to customize and optimize the use of Salesforce.

“The customer can either build everything himself or use existing modules from the AppExchange”. Just like a Lego game where each client adds their missing pieces! A hyper-personalization well perceived by B2B customers. It accommodates the pricing, the security of the process as well as the architecture of the solution.

The common ground is evidently the data. An essential element for Guillaume Aurine, Salesforce Product Marketing manager, who believes that the data integration in a company’s development process, needs to answer these three questions: “How do you engage differently with your customers? ”, this means accepting to change habits; “How do you become a platform enterprise by integrating all the partners in the business? ” to streamline the interaction and create new connections; “How to reflect the changes in your job description and those of your employees?”.

A world-first for EI-Technologies: a mapping of the ISVs available on the French market

To avoid being lost in the profusion of offers, EI-Technologies has selected and mapped more than 150 applications with high added-value for the French market. A long-term project… challenged by Salesforce of course! The goal of the game: to clear the ground and take an expert look at a booming market.

A clearer vision of the available offer on the French market of ISVs, where every customer can find an answer to their needs.

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