Dreamforce To You Keynote Round-up 2020

The Dreamforce To You keynote “Success Together” was filled with announcements around the Salesforce Customer 360. Marc Benioff, Salesforce Chair & CEO, alongside special guests from major brands, brought their energy to make this first virtual keynote a success.

Here’s a review of what took place: Hyperforce, Einstein Automate, Service Cloud Workforce Engagement, and huge acquisitions!

Hyperforce is a reimagination of the company’s platform architecture designed to provide Salesforce Customer 360, safely and efficiently. It is designed to deliver an even more powerful and scalable framework to power business applications built on public clouds, including AWS, Google Cloud & Azure.

Furthermore, Salesforce introduced a new solution that incorporates artificial intelligence, data integration, and industry-specific workflows combined in a single platform: Einstein Automate. Companies can now combine Einstein bots and flows, Mulesoft composer and Vlocity tools to digitally transform their business faster.

Another new product was presented to the public: Service Cloud Workforce Engagement. This product allows service leaders and calls center agents to anticipate customer demand and dispatch their workload.

Agents now have access to on-demand training, customer complete view and all needed data from a single workspace allowing them to provide customers with tailored services and solve their problems more efficiently.

Moreover, Salesforce has positioned itself as an even bigger player in the digital sector, with the recent acquisition of Slack for user collaboration on the CRM in a $27.7 B mega-deal, making it the largest Salesforce acquisition to date!

This move from Salesforce could help deliver on Marc Benioff’s social enterprise vision, by completing the steps taken in that direction; such as the acquisition of Quip a few years ago, and the introduction of Salesforce Anywhere earlier this year, which aims at helping teams better collaborate on Salesforce records while working remotely especially that this trend is not expected to disappear anytime soon, even post-pandemic.

Slack certainly facilitates remote collaboration and communication, and it is an important piece in the puzzle that keeps Salesforce ahead of the competition, particularly with prominent tools in the market such as Microsoft’s Teams.

Besides the said acquisitions, an interesting topic mentioned in the keynote was the Flagship Customer Story. Bentley Motors business, the British manufacturer and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs, was severely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. They have pledged to sell 100% electric cars by 2030, which would open up a new customer base that appreciates ethical manufacturing. They wanted to get to know their customers better, embarking on a digital evolution of the customer journey, in the most authentic and trustworthy way possible. Hence, Salesforce was the obvious choice to make that journey happen.

They have partnered with Salesforce, and with the combination of Salesforce products, Bentley Motors are able to segment their customer data, target customers with relevant adverts, and create a highly personalized customer experience.

Bringing the keynote to a close, Marc Benioff concluded that We’ve heard some amazing stories today … but this is just the beginning of Dreamforce [this year]”

For 2020, Dreamforce isn’t just one week, but an entire month. 

The format of Dreamforce might be different this year but the community is still as strong!

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