Success Stories

In the age of personalized customer experience, ease of access to information has become a necessity.
MIDIS group, the leading global technology vendors in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa answered that need: over 1500 employees distributed among 150 entities across 20+ countries joined Salesforce, the platform that made that necessity a reality. Lack of transparency and siloed data were no longer an option for MIDIS; with Salesforce, team leaders have today the visibility they need on their teams’ past and current activities. The multi-cloud Salesforce solution designed by EI-Technologies’ experts has allowed MIDIS group to consolidate their data into one, well-structured system, tailored to their business workflows.
Sales reporting to management has become instant, whereas it used to take up to several days. Managers can thus focus their time on the customers’ needs and guide them on their road to success.
MIDIS partners and customers can now easily place and follow their orders which reduced the salespersons’ time consumption.
MIDIS CRM has provided the agility to integrate new types of business in short delays.

In their attempt to improve their sales operations, CFM chose Salesforce Sales Cloud to help them address their challenges. EI-Technologies Lebanon’s solution offers users an exhaustive yet simple and user-friendly system, which is easily adopted by CFM users and integrated into their daily activities.
CFM now benefits a global and secure view of opportunities, customer requests, and their progress. It served as a tool for pipeline management, commercial governance, and market analysis.

The need to have complete visibility over their field service operations drove Areeba to adopt a customer relationship management solution on the Salesforce platform.
The main objective behind the solution is to centralize the customer requests received by the Call Center and other parties, respond to customer requests quickly and enhance the customer experience.
With the help of EI-Technologies Lebanon’s Salesforce expert team, Areeba was able to achieve its goal. Today, Areeba dispatchers use the tool to schedule service appointments efficiently. Subsequently, technicians are able to close work orders quickly, hence leveraging the mobility and user-friendliness of the solution.

Delta Insurance is a leading Jordanian company that provides individual and corporate insurance services to a significant portion of the Jordanian society and international institutions. Among Delta’s customers are prominent businesses in the fields of construction, real estate, finance, banking, industry, energy, general trade, entertainment, and communications.
With the customized Salesforce Financial Service and Sales Clouds solution designed by EI-Technologies MENA consultants, Delta can now track and automate their Sales, Services, and Insurance Policy Issuance processes.
With the various integrations built around the CRM, Delta has now a centralized platform with all Customer details and related information: interaction history, quotation requests, issued policies, claims, and cases used and shared among Delta’s employees and external partners.